Master Lock Force 5 Standard U-Lock – Saves My Commuter Bike “Mountie”

When I went to retrieve my bike yesterday (August 8) at the train station I noticed that it was not how I left it. Sometimes people move bikes a bit. But as I took out the key to unlock it I realized a thief had tried to steal it. Fortunately the lock held, thwarting the thief’s efforts, and I still have Mountie. Due to the thief’s exertions, the front derailleur got messed up badly which prevented me from riding home. I’ll take it to my LBS for repairs and ride a little further to a station with better security and safety.

I’ve had the lock for about 4 years. This was the first time anyone tried to defeat it. I’m really happy that it worked when it needed to, and it increased my confidence in the Master Lock.

Master Lock Force 5 Standard U-Lock

I purchased this Master U-lock, a closeout from Sierra Trading Post, for securing Moon Dog to the rack at the train station. Works well, comes with included frame mount, and the sliding cover for the lock is a nice touch.

NB. I didn’t plan on writing a review for the website. A Sierra TP review invitation showed up in my inbox, so I decided to try it. Afterwards, a publish to blog option appeared, which I also tried. Pretty impressive feature and nifty programming to support it, but the post that appeared had too much commercial intent. As a marketer or retailer this kind of capability makes sense from a viral/word of mouth/lead generation standpoint, but I was put off by it. I edited the ‘review’ to that above. I’m going to be more careful in the future about features like review posting.

Theft Anxiety

Don’t know why but I started worrying that Moon Dog will be stolen from the station parking lot. I’m just not used to leaving a bike locked up outside all day – it seems like a target. Even though only the seatpost has a quick release and the u-lock is a good one, I wonder if a second lock for the frame and front wheel is a good idea – or overkill. Rather than fret I’ll use the second lock for a while and see how that goes. I just may need to relax a bit.