Norwalk Green to Calf Pasture Beach route

Calf Pasture Beach, Norwalk CT

One of Norwalk’s gems, Calf Pasture Beach is a breeze to get to by car. But by bike the car route is unsafe. I looked for a way that would avoid crossing over 95 and the roundabouts by the cemetary and park just past Nik’s. You can find it here: Norwalk Green to Calf Pasture.

Click on Print Cue Sheet to print the cue sheet

Click on Print Cue Sheet to print the cue sheet

A really nice feature of this and the other maps is the ability to print the cue sheet. You can see the location of the link to click from the image on the left. The cue sheet gives you directions that include Cumulative Distance, Distance for each segment, Directions, Notes, Direction and Elevation. A snippet of this ride’s cue sheet follows:

Cue sheet for the ride, gives a lot of valuable info

Routes to and from the South Norwalk Train Station – Norwalk Green

Bikely provides us with pretty simple ways to map rides. I mapped two routes this evening, both to and from the Norwalk Green to the South Norwalk Train Station.

Norwalk Green to South Norwalk Train Station: Good in the early morning. Part of it runs along East Avenue, a dangerous street. Like many people I ride on the sidewalk for safety reasons. The west side of the street has no cross streets, so the sidewalk is a long stretch. The route goes under 95 instead of over – another danger spot, and comes out on a secondary street. I don’t recommend this route for returning because the traffic is dense.

South Norwalk Train Station to Norwalk Green: I like this route for afternoon returns. You’ll notice that leaving the station it rolls along North Main street to Marshall (or Ann) rather than go down to Water Street and cross the entrance to the Stroffolino Bridge. Here the reason is to avoid the traffic coming from 3 directions that want to go over bridge. At quitting time there’s too much traffic and none of the drivers is thinking about a cyclist.