Forgot bike lock keys – added to carbon footprint

Beautiful morning yesterday and really enjoyed riding to the station. Went to lock up my bike and I was stunned to find that I had my wife’s car keys with me, not my ring with the bike lock keys. So, back for the return ride home. Couldn’t just switch out keys because E. Norwalk, a secondary station, wouldn’t have a train for some time, which required me to drive to the S. Norwalk station so I wouldn’t be late for work. Not a terrible thing overall, but who ever thought that taking the wrong keys could have an enivornmental impact?

Kickstand up!

I’ve biked a long time, starting with the first bike boom in the ’70s. Until recently I focused solely on riding, not on using the bike for running errands, visiting friends, or peddling to the station for the morning train to my city job. I decided to add roles for the bike – getting a little more exercise into my day, lessening dependence on the car so it can be used selectively and more wisely, and promoting a healthier lifestyle by helping make my town become more walker- and bike-friendly. This is a journal where I’ll keep notes on what I’m doing and how it’s going, and a place for you to share your ideas, experiences and suggestions. Hopefully we’ll all encourage one another to use our bikes everyday – or most days.