Jenny Boylan: “Riding grew harder as I grew older. Then I got an electric bicycle.”

Longtime cyclist Jenny Boylan rode less as she got older. She tells a riveting story of the ways an e-bike changed her riding and that of many others in her NY Times opinion piece. Read it here. Boylan’s story humanizes several trends that are propelling e-bike growth in the US and worldwide. Perhaps most important, she conveys the emotion and great feelings we experience from e-bike riding.

Five years ago I demo’d an e-bike from one of my client’s bike partners at the Oregon Handmade Bike Show. Everyone trying that Klaxon Hartmann 29er returned with a smile or said something really nice. Here’re a few examples from that time:

  1. The late Larry Baggett, a builder and owner of Competitive Instincts (Bend OR).
  2. Father of special needs child interested in e-bike to take his kid around.
  3. Interest peaks in e-bike after a test ride.
  4. Better Bicycle Company founder talks about serving the needs of people who “want to get around” but “not buy into the culture.”

These clips anticipate the points Boylan eloquently makes, but she brings them out from under the enthusiast’s tent into the cycling sunshine for the broader public. My hunch is that many of her readers will start musing about e-bikes, a wonderful thing.