Serfas Dual Density Gel Saddle, Mens, DDM-200


This saddle was comfortable but it was a little too bouncy for my taste on Mountie. Continental Town & Country tires wrap Mountie’s wheels; these offer enough suspension so that the Serfas cushioning wasn’t needed. Being a road rider for decades I’m accustomed to road saddles so I swapped this out for a Selle Q-Bik sitting in my bike box that worked just fine.

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I just put this saddle on Mountie, my commuting bike, and I’ll report back on it in a couple of weeks. I had been using an old Trek sprung saddle because I wanted the comfort and shock absorption for the roads I take since I don’t have a suspension post. I bought this one at REI after reading the specs and the reviews. The Trek worked well, but I found that the short nose and its width caused chafing on longer rides. I’m hoping this one’s construction and shape makes for more enjoyable riding at all distances.

Bell Night Shield Seat Post Light Battery Replacement

Bell Night Shield

I’ve been using this seat post light for a couple of years now and it works day after day. I usually save all my manuals but for some reason misplaced this one and I had to spend a little time figuring out how to change the dying batteries. It just required a penny that fits into a slot at the base, a twist, fresh AAA batteries and then replacement of the cover. The light has a yellow gasket that runs around the perimeter of the light; make sure you don’t lose it when you take the cover off and make sure it’s in place when putting the cover back on. After I completed the change I found this post on eHow.