Desoto Trike

When my mother, 83, told me she was in the market for a trike, I was happy. While she walks unassisted, her hip hurts, but she wants to get in a little more daily exercise. She heard that a basic trike was available from mass merchandisers like Walmart, but I felt that there must be a better selection available. After some research I found Industrial Bicycles which carries a variety of industrial trikes for use in warehouses and specialized applications, tandem trikes, trikes for carrying kids, recumbents, and a special line for seniors. We haven’t finalized the decision yet, but I hope to within the next couple of weeks. I was really struck by their affordability – a few hundred dollars, and they encourage customers to call so that they can assess their needs and recommend the right model. Trikes are delivered fully assembled, taking out the need for a handyman or bike shop to be involved. They come with baskets, which makes them convenient for light shopping and running errands, a variety of seats, and wheel sizes. Definitely worth checking out, if only for curiousity.

Norwalk bikeway and pedestrian plan underway

Exciting development – Norwalk kicked off planning for making the city more bike and walker friendly. Initial meetings have been held – here’s a copy of the presentation. At the top is a link to a survey you can take. At the end is a request for email so you can stay up to date. The key thing is for the planning process to have as much community involvement as possible, the more voices and perspectives taken into account, the better it will reflect all of Norwalk’s interests.