Routes to and from the South Norwalk Train Station – Norwalk Green

Bikely provides us with pretty simple ways to map rides. I mapped two routes this evening, both to and from the Norwalk Green to the South Norwalk Train Station.

Norwalk Green to South Norwalk Train Station: Good in the early morning. Part of it runs along East Avenue, a dangerous street. Like many people I ride on the sidewalk for safety reasons. The west side of the street has no cross streets, so the sidewalk is a long stretch. The route goes under 95 instead of over – another danger spot, and comes out on a secondary street. I don’t recommend this route for returning because the traffic is dense.

South Norwalk Train Station to Norwalk Green: I like this route for afternoon returns. You’ll notice that leaving the station it rolls along North Main street to Marshall (or Ann) rather than go down to Water Street and cross the entrance to the Stroffolino Bridge. Here the reason is to avoid the traffic coming from 3 directions that want to go over bridge. At quitting time there’s too much traffic and none of the drivers is thinking about a cyclist.

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  1. Interesting to hear your perspective on the roads. I know you’re not the only one who sticks to the sidewalk on East Ave. Too bad this road can’t be safer to bicycle.

    The return route along Harbor Ave is definitely my preferred way to get between SoNo and the Wall St area. It’s how I ride my kid to daycare. I’ve thought it might be a good candidate for sharrows and bike route signs.

  2. David – definitely. The idea behind marking the routes is to show people how they can get to some key spots safely and enjoyable, while helping raise awareness that cycling is do-able and worth considering now and then. That’s why your mapping is so helpful – folks can see which roads are safer and which are more dangerous and plan accordingly. The cycling culture here has a long way to go, but steps like ours can only help.

    I sent the routes to Kathy Hebert in City Hall who is reviewing them. She’s the one who coordinated the installation of the bike rack in E. Norwalk station and wants to see Norwalk’s cycling friendliness improve, as does Tad Diesel, Norwalk’s Marketing Director. An avid cyclist, Diesel retired from a successful business career a few years ago and promptly became a certified spinning instructor. He keeps a bike at City Hall and cycles around town for meetings. We’ll see what her feedback is, but the goals are to secure official encouragement for mapping more routes, increasing signage as you mention, making maps available, and advocating to businesses. Maybe grants are available.

    If you’re game, why don’t we coordinate our efforts and map some more routes to the stations and key retail places.

  3. Hey Steve –

    Great site! I just purchased my first bike in years, and have been thinking about trying to commute to the SONO RR station every day. I would be coming from further north, where Rt. 7 meets Grist Mill Road – any advice from getting from that area into downtown/south Norwalk? Also, do you commute year round, or do you stop during the winter months? I’m really hoping I can make this work, the prospect of getting more exercise, more bike miles, and saving money to boot is quite exciting!

    • Yes, I try to commute year round, but if the weather’s not good or the roads aren’t safe I take my car to SONO. Hmmm, from Grist Mill and Rte 7. I think the safest and flattest way to go is to take Main Ave south to Ward, left on Ward to France Street, right on France, cross Rte 1, continue and you’re at the green. From there, follow my instructions on the site. Glad you’re trying commuting. Write me anytime. Always happy to help.

  4. I rode this route in reverse all summer with my kid in the bike seat. To me, Main Ave is a little too hairy. I avoid it for West Rocks.

    Here’s how I would ride it from the Merritt 7:

    If you’re coming from the west end of Grist Mill, I would advise a Perry -> Silvermine -> Riverside route:

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