Joy of finding a new path

My commute is along a very busy local road with an entrance to I-95, the major commuting highway. There’s no shoulder, so I have to ride on the sidewalk, and drivers only have the on-ramp in mind. Crossing over the highway can be dangerous as cars are trying to get on from two directions; then there’s the exit ramp to contend with. I started wondering if there was a route change that might help me avoid these issues and improve the commute. As I was riding this morning I remembered a turn I made some years ago while driving that weaves you under the highway and opens onto a back road. I used it a few times but found that it wasn’t that helpful for me. But it did could make sense for a bike. I took it – no more dangerous crossing and no more riding further along the busy road. An increase in safety and peace of mind, and all it took was a thought. It made me realize that it’s important to overcome the habits of the “driving mind” if commuting is to take deeper root in less-involved cycling communities.

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