The Need to Support Utility Cycling

Very glad to see growing coverage of nearly all aspects of cycle commuting in newspapers and on TV. My local shop, Smart Cycles, was featured on Cablevision’s News 12 last week. We need to augment commuting with using the bike for local trips. Bikes can’t substitute for all errand runs, but taking out one or more car trips a week can be beneficial. Just the other day, ironically, I cycled over to the local auto parts store for some things, and on another day I went over to Walgreen’s for sundries. Timewise, it took about as long as a car trip, but it was far more pleasant.   

For utility cycling to take hold, though, businesses need to support and accommodate cyclists and to see their visits as economically beneficial. Neither AutoZone or Walgreen’s had a rack. At the former I locked up to a fence, and at the latter to a young tree narrow enough to accommodate my U-lock. Looks like it’s time for a letter to the paper.

Forgot bike lock keys – added to carbon footprint

Beautiful morning yesterday and really enjoyed riding to the station. Went to lock up my bike and I was stunned to find that I had my wife’s car keys with me, not my ring with the bike lock keys. So, back for the return ride home. Couldn’t just switch out keys because E. Norwalk, a secondary station, wouldn’t have a train for some time, which required me to drive to the S. Norwalk station so I wouldn’t be late for work. Not a terrible thing overall, but who ever thought that taking the wrong keys could have an enivornmental impact?